Friday, January 27, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Howdy!  I'm Tina, and I love finding bargains.  Here in Middle Tennessee, there are a lot of thrift stores, and I love going on safari for a great deal.  My favorite thrift store, by far, is Goodwill.  I will be posting pictures of the outfits I have made, and the cost of each outfit.  But for this first post, I will tell you my strategy.

1.  Go alone.  I know you love time with your friends, but you are on safari, and people will slow you down.  You are on the hunt for a deal, and you must be able to concentrate. 

2.  Even if you are not sure it will work, try it on.  You may surprise yourself, and find a new look that you had never thought would work on you before.

3.  Don't freak if there is a pull or a rip.  If it is generally a beautiful piece, but there is a pull or a ripped seam, give it a second look, a little crochet hook or thread and a needle may yield you a lovely find.

4.  Don't go on the first Saturday of the month.  Okay, so this isn't a mandatory rule, but that is the day the rookies come out of the woodwork, because everything is 50% off.  If y'all have the tolerance for large crowds and infinite lines for the dressing rooms, more power to you, but I don't dig crowds or waiting.  I find any other day of the month much more peaceful and serene. 

So that's it.  I'm going to model a bunch of outfits, and have my dear husband, the professional photographer, take pictures.  Post with pictures coming soon!